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Academic pursuit rule

Academic pursuit rule

Aeronautical Engineering


1. 138 credits must be taken for all students to graduate.     


2. Optional course taking 29 credits at least for Aviation department, 31 credits at least for Avionic department.


3. Take optional non-Aeronautical Engineering department professional courses (Common obligatory course not include)

    include 12 credits at most.


4. Military Training (1,2,3,4) not include.


Graduate Institute of Aviation and Electronic Technology


24 professional credits and 6 theses credits arerequirements for master's degree in 2 year.


All the curriculums include: 

Avionic technology:Aviation Safety and Quality Assurance, Aerodynamic, energy transformation.

Electronics technology: Aviation Power Source, Aircraft Electronic Instruments System, Communication

   and Navigation.

Multi- realm system integration: Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system and UAV system surveillance

   and analysis.


          30 credits must be taken for graduate students, 6 theses credits and the special projects of 4 semesters are obligatory courses, optional courses be 24 credits at least, and passing the test of master's degree is required.

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