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Origin & History

Department of Aeronautical Engineering


Taiwan is situated in the center of the Asia Pacific Zone of aerial transportation and it's good for the combination of the civil aviation, industry and business. With all those advantages, Taiwan was enabled to become the transfered center in the Asia Pacific Zone, and soon AIDP was established on July 4, 1990. To give fresh impetus to the civil aviation, military aviation, aerial service industry and the airports industry, AIDP prompted our country’s development of aerial industry such as the invention and manufacturing of the aircrafts, powerplants, systems components, maintenance, and rear service support center. The project by which tried to enable our nation to be the key position of aerial industry in the Asia Pacific Zone. In response to the manpower need in the civil aviation industry, our department was established.



1995, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, junior college

1999, The original junior college was changed into Airframe, a four-year Bachelor program.

1999, The Powerplant and Avionics was established later, into a four-year Bachelor program.

2007, Graduate institute of Aviation and electronic technology was established within the department.


Graduate Institute of Aeronautical and Electronic Technology

           To meet the need in the advancement of aviation and electronic technology, we combine the predominance of domestic aviation with electronic industry, and cultivate the high-class talents skilled at developing aviation and electronic technology. And then promote the development energy of domestic aviation and electronic technology, so we build Graduate Institute of Aviation and Electronic Technology.

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