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Department of Aeronautical Engineering

     The goals depend on the nations current manpower needed in the civil aviation, are mainly focusing on nurturing our students to work with a good knowledge of aircrafts maintenance. Thus, every single student can easily get into position after graduation.

1. Aviation Technology

     To cultivate aeronautical engineering professionals, our students are trained to specialized in powerplants, fuselage systems, examination, test, maintenance, operation and breakdowns determination. What’s more, with a good knowledge of Avionics and excellent techniques, our students will become more competitive in any aviation related field.

2. Avionics Technology

     To cultivate professionals who are specializing in avionics, and to have each student understand how is the relationships between the aviation and electrics, communication and navigation, flight instruments, and the electrical systems. We trained our students to be able to examine an aircrafts electrical equipments, test and maintenance, and breakdowns. Meanwhile to build up their techniques and to enrich their knowledge of maintenance so that we can ensure that they are ready for further education or going into aviation related job market.   

     Our goals depend on the exactly manpower need in the civil aviation and the possibilities to the way of the future. We also divide this part from the traditional research-oriented college, establish this departments goals.


Graduate Institute of Aeronautical and Electronic Engineering

   Cultivate the aviation and electronic technology talents, especially the talents in the multi-field integration of Aviation Safety and Quality Assurance, avionic and communication technology, and aviation machinery and electronic, and emphasize the integration and application in aviation and electronic technology.

Main development emphasis:

Aviation technology:

Aircraft maintenance and refitaircraft power systemaerial vehicle performanceMechanics for Solids and structural analysisenergy transformation engineering.

Electronic technology:

Navigation and satellite systemavionic system engineeringwireless communicationelectric energy applicationmicro computer system design and application.

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