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According to Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, ABET, the organization by which the standards that each undergraduate must reach as below:

           (1) Acquiring the abilities of repairing, examining and handling the breakdowns.

           (2) Analyzing and solving the engineering problems or designing.

           (3) Studying the basic knowledge of Aviation and Mechanics for further education in the

                gaduate institue

           (4) Continuous learning through studying on one’s own

           (5) Following the norm and being responsible for the assignments, and to work efficiently.

           (6) Improving teamwork efficiency and behaving well with the other crew members.

In addition to the programs, our plans include:   

1.Learning the principles and structure of an aircrafts facilities and the equipments, and

emphasizing on the engineering practice.   

2.Strengthening each students listening, speaking and writing skills, nurturing our

undergraduates to be capable of reading each instruction and the information.       

3.Through monographic studies which enable each student to achieve mastery through a

comprehensive study of the subject and apply what they’ve learned to the engineering


4.Through cooperative education, our students get their work experience and apply their

techniques to the job market in the future.

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